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Stamping Processing

Stamping Process
About Stamping Processing
We implement a wide variety of stamping methods, including progressive die stamping (our specialty), single die stamping, and robot stamping.
Making the most of our more than 30 years of progressive die stamping experience, we work with our customers to create plans for 100kg-class high tensile strength steel sheets in shapes that are difficult to draw. This is all part of our mission to deliver higher-quality products at faster speeds.

Our Strengths

Strength in progressive die stamping

High tensile strength steel sheets
In addition to using our progressive die stamping press to provide support for 60kg and higher high tensile strength steel sheets, we also have experience in the entire process for high tensile strength steel sheet products of up to 100kg, from molding setup through to production.
Deep drawing
Our progressive die stamping technology also supports deep drawing at 600t * 120mm and 300t * 50mm.
Our progressive die stamping technology can also handle plate processing at thicknesses of up to 5mm.

Strength in pipe ends

We can make the internal diameters pipes into square configurations; for example, we can take a φ12mm round pipe end and change it into a 10mm * 10mm square.

[Specification usage]
Insert location with the pin (partner) that connects the seat reclining mechanism
->Prior to the VA proposal, a bush was welded to the end of the pipe

[Processing challenges]
(1) When forming a square from a round configuration, this prevents star-shaped configurations caused by mismatched circumferences
(2) Achieves precise square diameter tolerance; vertical/horizontal = +-0.1

Strength in a variety of methods

Our progressive die stamping press (-600t), single die stamping press (-200t), and robot line (-200t) technologies enable us to accept a wide variety of orders.
We also use our relationships with our suppliers to handle orders for stamped parts that require other types of equipment.
Having introduced a servo press, we are also looking to improve formability and mold durability for high tensile strength steel, add more deep drawing parts, and use different materials.
Strength in a variety of methods
Strength in a variety of methods

Strength in low-cost production

We use auxiliary press equipment as standard in our efforts to achieve and improve low-cost press production.

[Reduced manual labor]
(1) Automatic box changer
(2) automatic scrap disposal/underground conveyor

[External setup]
(3) Coil exchanger
(4) mold change car

[Internal setup]
(5) Automatic clamper
Strength in low-cost production

Strength in post-processing

Welding and other post-processes enable us to merge the stamping and welding processes, thereby reducing in-process distribution work, inventory, and cost.

We are also gradually applying our experience in robot-operated welding to our single die stamping press process in order to create an automatic setup system.

Stamped part profiles

Stamped part equipment overview

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